Good evening all, welcome to the 2021 UMHA AGM. As most of you are aware, I will not be nominating for the Presidents position again and as such this will be my last Presidents report.

Given the 2020 – 2021 year has not be very favourable for events or anything for that matter other than lockdowns, I thought I would review the 3 years since July 2018 that I have been President. Taking on the Presidents role was no easy task, however, with a strong executive and committee we moved forward and made some lasting improvements to our club.

Taking on the Presidents role I had a few goals which I wanted to complete within the three years as President which had gone around the tables a few times before me and had not come to fruition. These included, strengthened working relationship with the show society to enable the forward progression of our club, black matting around the arena, electronic timer, gas struts on the container, and a watering system for our arena. I thought, if we could get these improvements done in three 3 that would be an achievement to be proud of.

It goes to show that when you are supported by like minded people who put the club before themselves, great things can be achieved.

The below list is the improvements that I could remember, that we as a Committee over the past 3 years have achieved and I think we should be very proud of them, I know I am.

New electronic Timer / score board
New P.A system
Black matting around arena
Assisted Show Society putting a verandah on the function shed
Assisted show society in the purchase of a new toilet / shower block to benefit us all.
Gas struts on container to ensure a safer working environment
Introduction top 10 competition to give more back to our members
Watering system around the arena
Brought new sponsors and sponsorship to the club consisting of $8000 in sponsorship a year. Donated $11000 + to the Do It For Dolly Foundation
Brand new updated user friendly website
New Novelties equipment
6 runs for the kids Team Yarding with assistance and guidance from an adult to improve our Juniors horsemanship and cattle handling skills, which has been a huge success.
Development of Team Yarding Championships and the overall improvement of our cattle welfare, including plans for cover over our holding pens.

We have raised and donated thousands of dollars to, Bushfire assistance and local clubs and charities and all while dealing with Covid 19 restriction since April 2020.

We have also recognised commitment by our members to our club with 5 new life members being recognised in Barry Stephan, Loughie Bosse, Dennis Cardwell and Dave and Faye Olssen.

In closing, I would like to personally thank all the committee members, your support over the past 3 years has been second to none and I think that is evident by our achievements.

I truly believe 3 years is long enough for a President and new blood and ideas are always needed on a committee to enabled its progression into the future, hence why I am stepping away.

To the new President, executive and committee members, I wish you well, and if I can leave you with one thing to remember – No one person is bigger than the club. This clubs fundamentals is about families and having fun with horses – put those fundamentals at the forefront when making decisions and you won’t go wrong.

It has been a honour to work with you all and to be the President of this great club.


Place getters: –

Snafflebit Cutting
Junior – Equal 1st
Bill Phegan, Georgia Snedden, Emily Phegan, Adelaide Phegan, Luca Chaplin, Tully Proctor, Lochiel Chaplin and Emma Travain.

Novice –
1st Naomi Bright
2nd Danny Phegan
3rd Chris Atkins

1st Kelvin Benson
2nd Danny Phegan
3rd Darren Wellesley


Team Yarding
1st Emma Travain, Emily Phegan & Bella Sanderson.

2nd Lachie Chaplin, Ava Douglas & Amelia Elkington

3rd Tully Proctor, Bill Phegan & Macey Kirk.

It was great to see a lot of new junior riders in this great family-based club having fun and enjoying the ride. That is what it is all about – family, friends and fun.

Our Seniors Team yarding saw only 5 teams pen 9 head of cattle for the weekend.

1st The Trappers
2nd The Rustlers
3rd Brum Runners
4th VRC Racers
5th Buckle Up
6th No nuts and Bolts
7th Go your Hardest.

The fastest time for the weekend was hotly contested. However, in the end it was won by the Misty Warriors – Pete Morrison, Brian Caldwell and Brooke Evans with a 23.51 second run for 3 head yarded.

Finally, our next UMHA team yarding event is at Myrtleford at the end of April and I must say, I can’t wait!

So until then, stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all in the not to distant future.

Scott Barton
U.M.H.A President.

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